Centre of Knowledge

1.0-CentroConoc-01As a Centre of Knowledge Its mission is the development of education, scientific and research aspects in the area of neuroscience in general, and neurorehabilitation and technologies applied to personal independence in particular.

Collaboration between the hospital - Excellence centre - and the further education institute - Knowledge centre - allows for the optimization, generation and transfer of new expertise in this specialized scientific area.

The clinical and transfer research potential of Institut Guttmann is based, on one hand, on a big enough case body for its workers to maintain and develop their degree of expertise, guaranteeing security, quality and efficiency of care and, on the other hand, it is based on a systematic use of an accurate and ethical work model based on scientific evidence and a careful control over the scientific method.







Thus, care itself automatically becomes a case of continuous clinical research that stimulates the generation of new knowledge at the same time it promotes permanent improvement of the quality of the care delivered by the hospital.

Furthermore, it promotes specialized training of practitioners in the area of neurorehabilitation and of technologies applicable to disability at the same time it develops knowledge about techniques and experiences for the benefit of both health and quality of life of people with a severe acquired neurological disorder.