Official Master’s Degree

According to the training needs in this area of ​​knowledge, the teaching staff of Institut Guttmann, after the experience obtained in the 8 editions of the Graduate Certificate and Masters in 6 editions of Neurorehabilitation, accredited by UAB's own titles, has launched two new master's degrees in their official capacity, adapted to the European higher Education Area, comprising a set of highly specialized modules, relevant and useful for professionals who are working or are interesting in the world of disability, in their approach, treatment, and research, clinical and translational, to developed better care alternatives to individuals with physical disabilities.


It is divided into 120 ECTS spread over two academic years and has career guidance for those students who want to acquire specific skills in the care and rehabilitation of people affected by a severe physical disability of neurological origin and research guidance for those who also want advance scientific knowledge of Neurorehabilitation.

Master’s Degree Student Guide Neurorehabilitation



It is divided into 60 ECTS is structured to perform in an academic year and has a career guidance for those students who want to acquire specific skills in neuropsychological rehabilitation assistance for people with Acquired Brain Damage and scientific guidance for those who want to advance knowledge scientist cognitive rehabilitation.

Master’s Degree Student Guide Neuropsychological and Cognitive Stimulation Rehabilitation


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