Fellowship – Expert in Neurorehabilitation

4.0-Fellowship-01This program aims to promote the development of professional career in the healthcare and scientific issues, incorporating diagnostic and therapeutic techniques as well as the most effective, applicable to the specific field of neurorehabilitation technology.

The title of Expert in Neurorehabilitation, own title at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), is aimed to a medical specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation (also neurology, urology and other specialties) involved in the clinical care of people with spinal cord injury or brain damage, or those who wants to dedicate it professionally in the future, therefore, fully qualified medical specialists for the exercise of knowledge and skills acquired in the Graduate Institute, over the year-long course expert.

To advance the training of these professionals, the Institut Guttmann as exemplified by the prestigious "fellowships" American Universities, has created training programs in Neurorehabilitation Expert targeting university graduates, some specialists disciplines involved in this specific field of knowledge and healthcare.


  • Training experts in specialized treatment and rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury or acquired brain damage, as well as the characteristics of their complications disease.
  • Preparing professionals with specific knowledge and skills to participate in multidisciplinary teams, promoting the confluence of knowledge and benefiting from it.
  • Training experts with the capacity to lead and coordinate multidisciplinary teams to provide comprehensive care for patients with spinal cord injury / brain damage.
  • Providing these professionals with a methodology that allows them to generate new knowledge and transfer them to other professionals who implement the rest of the medical device, safely and with quality assurance.


  • Possessing a specialist degree or relevant to their processing is not older than three years shelter.
  • Foreigners: to process the application you must present the approval of his medical degree and specialist certificate.
  • Accept the terms of this call and the organization and methods of work of the Institut Guttmann own as well as their internal operating system.

For further information, visit: www.guttmann.com