Pharmacological Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

2.0-TratFarmacologico-01Despite advances in the understanding behind the neurophysiological mechanisms involved in the onset of neuropathic pain, and the considerable increase in recent years in the number of well-designed clinical studies (randomised, placebo-controlled trials), neuropathic pain continues to be a challenge for healthcare services.

There are several pharmacological treatments available, but adequate pain control is difficult to achieve, and pain rarely can be completely eradicated. The main treatment objective is to lower pain intensity to make it more tolerable. The current literature shows that between 30%-40% of patients see an improvement in their pain by 50% or more with pharmacological treatment.

There are as yet no treatment regimens based on demonstrated scientific evidence, and therefore neuropathic pain must be treated on an individualised basis, based on its efficacy and side effects.