NIBS: Frequently asked questions

  • 6.0-ECNIPreguntas-01How can I benefit from this technique?

    The main benefit of the treatment is pain relief. Patients can perceive a reduction in the general level of pain and a longer gap between pain attacks. However, some patients also report secondary benefits such as, for example, improvement in sleep patterns, mood, performing daily activities, and less need to take pain medication. Our experience suggests that around 60% of patients respond to NIBS, that is, they experience pain relief and/or secondary benefits after receiving treatment.
  • Is the treatment safe?

    More than 100 studies have been conducted on the safety of electric stimulation (tDCS) in both healthy subjects and patient populations. These studies have provided detailed information that show that the stimulation parameters are safe, and no severe side effects have been observed (see review Nitsche et al., 2008).
  • Will my insurance company reimburse me for NIBS?

    Some insurance companies will pay for a significant portion of the cost of treatment.
  • Do I need to stop taking medicines to be able to undergo NIBS treatment?

    No, patients can continue taking their regular medication.