Support Sessions and Work with Family Members

Neuropsychological rehabilitation is not limited to the affected person, but also includes their family.

sesiones-apoyo-familiaWhat are the family's needs? Both in cases of dementia and other neurological disorders, the family must understand the patient's impairment, know how to deal with the cognitive behavioural and emotional problems, feel that their voice is being heard, and that they are receiving advice. In this sense, our work is aimed at offering:

  • Information.
  • Psychological Education.
  • Psychological Support.

Family sessions are carried out individually and in a group. In the latter case, there are psychological education, psychotherapeutic and relaxation groups led by professionals in the field of neuropsychosocial rehabilitation (neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists and social workers).

The Family has an important role for the following reasons:

  • They know the patient best and can provide the best information about their lifestyle, interests, personality, etc.
  • The Family can help us bring about changes and modify the patient's habits and customary activities.
  • Reisertion in the community is easier if the family is actively involved.
  • The Family's active participation is essential to reduce the psychological consequences of the neuropsychological impairment.