Treatment of Neurogenic Dysphagia

Overall, the aim of dysphagia treatment is to reduce the morbidity/mortality associated to respiratory infections, improve nutritional status and enable the patient to return to or maintain a normal oral diet.

Schematically, swallowing therapy is divided into compensatory and therapeutic strategies.

Compensatory Strategies   Diet Characterístics Viscosity and volume of bolus changes
Postural Manoeuvres Cervical Flexion, torsion, inclination
Techniques for increasing sensory feedback Temperatura, sabor…
Therapeutic Strategies Swallowing Manoeuvres Deglución supraglótica, maniobra de Mendelsohn…
Motor Control Exercices Ejercicios labiales, linguales, masticatorios, laríngeos…
Other Treatments Botulinum Toxin Relajación del esfínter esofágico superior
Neuromuscular Electroestimulation Potenciación muscular